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Weebly is an online platform dedicated to the creation of web pages. It has a free service and payment according to the user's need.

It was created in 2006 in San Francisco, California by "David Rusenko, Chris Fanini," and "Dan Veltri." Who observed how complicated it was for many of their classmates to publish and manage work on the Internet and thanks to this, the idea of allowing anyone to create your own personal website in an easier way.

As of 2006 Weebly starts its operation in San Francisco (California). During 2007, Weebly was invited to the Y Combinator business financing program, in that same year the platform raised a round of financing from several investors that allowed for greater growth for its development.

In January 2007 it was selected for the Silicon Valley business capitalization program called Y. It  uses a style of Widget format, letting users create pages with few clicks. The user drag and drop different web elements on the page (such as images, text, Google Maps, etc.).

Weebly currently competes with websites such as Webnode, Jimdo, Webs, uCoz, Wix and other websites for creating generic or specialized websites in specific sectors such as Turisapps.

In June 2008, Weebly added the Weebly Professional account feature, allowing users to create password-protected pages and update file size limits, in addition to receiving additional help services.

As of October 1, 2015, Weebly C (Carbon) integrates the platform to mobile devices such as Android and iOS and devices such as Apple watch; It also improves the user's Weebly Dashboard interface, allowing you to view web traffic statistics, comments, sales numbers and third-party App Center information in a single window.

The interface that Weebly has designed is very well organized and makes it possible to visualize all the functions available to the naked eye. It has a series of menus at the top to access the main functions in a simple and fast way. A simple drag & drop system allows you to add text, images or forms with a simple click.

Weebly Features

• Simple interface that allows to drag and drop the different elements that will make up the page.
• Do not require some kind of technical skills in programming for websites.
• Dozens of professional designs or themes to develop a website, with the possibility of modifying the CSS and the HTML design so that more advanced users adjust them to their needs.
• Free domain hosting, under subdomain .weebly.com (example: ... my-page-web.weebly.com); The option to add a simpler domain for the user is in the paid versions.
• App Center, a third-party application store to integrate with your website.
• Customer service, Weebly offers an email form in which a person can write asking for help. Weebly responds immediately to the email address you include on your form.
• Weebly blog, articles, tips and platform information.
• Integration with Google Adsense.
• Weebly non-obstructive advertising banner at the bottom of the website for FREE users.
• Android and iOS mobile applications.
• Among other features.

Like the editor, the pricing structure is extraordinarily simple in Weebly: the basic plan is free and displays an advertising link in the bottom bar of the screen.

Weebly's Starter plan, which is paid, allows you to completely customize the bottom bar of the screen and eliminate advertising. The Pro plan also includes features such as the slide show (slideshow) at the top of the screen or a search function for the website.

The first year offers a free domain, which is later paid. In any case it is always advisable to start with the free plan.


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