PrestaShop - Open Source Content Management System (CMS) -

PrestaShop is a free and Open Source Content Management System (CMS). Its main application is the creation of online stores of electronic commerce.

PrestaShop is a free shopping cart platform that allows small and large companies to create and manage an online store.

It is a dynamic content manager designed to build from scratch stores with 100% free software, which can also be fed with free themes and modules or developed by professionals under commercial licenses.

Since 2007, the date on which PrestaShop was born, more and more online businesses are using this e-commerce platform to manage the sale of physical or digital products, with more than 250,000 stores currently operating with this CMS of French origin.

PrestaShop follows the standard core-with-extensions eCommerce solutions formula. Its core is built on PHP (a common web development language), which makes it an easy fit for most websites.

The company is split between Europe and the U.S., giving it to platform that supports sales and legal requirements in both areas.

PrestaShop is available under the Open Software license. The software is written in PHP and based on the Smarty template engine. MySQL1 is the default database engine.

PrestaShop offers over 1,500 templates, 500 of which are premium.Add-ons allowing integration with Stripe, Google Merchant Center, and Amazon Marketplace among other offerings can make your life easier and tighten your operational ties.

PrestaShop supports international stores and multiple stores within one back end. If you've got separate U.S. and Canadian storefronts, you can take care of both in one place.

Versions are available in 63 languages, including: English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian.

PrestaShop also has reporting capabilities, such as unique Intelligent Merchant KPI feature and forecast ability.

PrestaShop 1.0 was released on July 31, 2008.

PrestaShop 1.4 was released on March 18, 2011, with more than 65 new features for merchants and developers.

PrestaShop 1.5 was launched on September 13, 2012, with the functionality Multistore, improvements in the cart, pricing rules and the ability to manually create orders through the Virtual Office.

PrestaShop 1.6 was released on March 17, 2014, features a new front and back office design, new business intelligence tools and a responsive back office.

Prestashop 1.7 released its first stable version on November 7, 2016, with Symfony framework integration.

The PrestaShop group was founded in Paris, with a second Headquarters that opened in Miami in 2011.

The software makes extensive use of AJAX in the administration panel, while the module blocks can be easily added to the store in order to provide additional functionality; These are usually provided free of charge by independent developers

Prestashop is compatible with the most common payment gateways. Additional payment modules are also offered in the market.

Technical Requirements

The merchant must have a domain name and a web server with the following characteristics:

  • Apache web server 1.3 or later. Nginx, or Microsoft IIS
  • PHP 5.4+ or higher
  • MySQL 5.0+ or ​​higher
  • Linux, Unix or Windows installed as operating system
  • (*) incompatibility problems with the following versions of PHP 5 prevent PrestaShop from working properly:
  • PHP 5.2.1 (authentication is impossible)
  • PHP 5.2.6 (authentication is impossible on 64-bit servers)
  • PHP 5.2.9 (broken image / upload management)
  • PHP <5.2 (invalid date time zone)

The software offers more than 310 integrated functions, including product inventory management, layered navigation, customizable templates, marketplaces (amazon, linio, mercadolibre, etc.) analysis and reporting, webservice, promotion rules, multi management -store and return management. An advanced tool for eCommerce that allows you to increase your sales improving the shopping experience and business processes.

It is able to adapt and integrate into any ERP, you can make customizations and adjustments to your business processes, if you do it with an expert.

Prestashop works with innumerable payment gateways among which Paypal,, Google Checkout, Skrill, Moneybookers, Klarna, Redys / Servired / Sermepa, etc. stand out.

PrestaShop has a payment page, offers buyers a large number of options to see the chosen products, reliable shipping options along with shipping control logistics (fees, shipping restrictions, weight and much more) and the ability to attach personalized messages

General Features of PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a FREE and open source e-commerce software, LEADER in the online store sector. PrestaShop contains more than 310 functionalities and is growing continuously.

All functions are 100% free and can be installed and uninstalled with a single click.

Our technicians have created a free course so that you can easily learn to create and manage an online store with PrestaShop.

Catalog Administration

Manage a dynamic list of products by administering PrestaShop. Even if the store has one or thousands of products, this administrative interface allows you to manage the most complex inventory and update it with a single 'click'. Import and export quickly, set attributes, classify products, expand discounts, and much more.

• Choice of product conditions
• Upload CSV files of products
• Create a catalog mode
• Massive loads
• Select products not available
• Layered navigation
• Show prices per unit in the products
• Management of UPC codes
• Inventory files
• Replenishment notification
• Minimum amount of purchase
• Unlimited categories and subcategories
• Unlimited attributes (sizes, colors, etc.)
• Unlimited product combinations
• Automated combination generator
• Unlimited product features
• Catalog notices (pages and inactive products)
• Categories segmented to specific groups
• Packages of products and accessories
• Decreasing prices in percentage
• Decreasing prices in fixed amount
• Product references (ISBN-EAN13)
• PDF invoices and delivery receipts
• Load list of manufactured products
• Management of manufacturers
• Management of suppliers
• Customize products individually or collectively
• Cross selling
• Filter product by attributes, terms or statistical data
• Edit product labels
• Returns management
• Report of products added to the gift list
• Sale of downloadable products: MP3s, softwares, etc.
• Export orders and invoices

Product Display

Show the products in a unique way and provide your customers with various options to visualize the desired products.

• Compare products
• Add to the gift list
• Send gift list by e-mail
• Unlimited images with automatic resizing
• Multiple images per product
• Zoom-in to product images
• Filigree protection in product images
• Quick product search
• Customer feedback about the products
• Customer reviews
• Search by alias
• Ajax Search
• Price display: with or without VAT
• Choice of number of products to display per page
• E-mail notifications of 'out-of-stock' products
• Show available quantities
• Navigation by Layers
• Classification of products by relevance, price, etc.
• Print product listings
• Attach documents to the products (user guides, etc.)
• Add product to a gift list
• Show products in the same category
• Export products to the most important search engines
• Pricing at various levels
• Build product attributes
• Mark products
• Product page statistics: Last purchase date
• Show basket content
• Show product categories

Site Administration

Manage a site easily using PrestaShop. Business owners can enjoy editing content, manage product deployments, and change languages; everything from the administration. PrestaShop offers update in a 'click' to keep the store running in the latest version.

• Control multiple stores via a back office
• Customize the store without modifying the essential
• Store locator
• Layered navigation
• Customize the page information using a CMS
• Customize images and content on the homepage
• Activate and deactivate modules with a 'click'
• Add unlimited modules to the front and back office
• Show featured products on the home page
• Insert advertising banners
• Customize the product display
• Contact form with multiple entries
• Client navigation path
• Show best-selling products
• Reflect available forms of payment
• RSS source block
• Test a new page before launch
• Quick search of the product
• FIA-Net certification seal
• Trusted Shops stamp
• Stamp of eKomi
• Box to show promotions
• Links at the bottom of the page
• Subscription to the RSS feed
• Subscription box to the newsletter
• Full customer account display
• Vendor display
• Mark products in a 'click'
• Visualization of links to useful media
• Loyalty notices
• Select currencies
• Backup of the database
• Subdomain management
• Select languages
• Disable content pages
• Maintenance mode
• Authorize specific IP addresses in maintenance mode
• Use multiple logos
• Replace photos
• Edit a topic from the front office
• Customization of templates
• Module to import stores
• Compatible with all web browsers
• Customizable favicon
• Integration with a CRM or ERP (Webservice)
• Help function in the back office
• Customize shortcuts in the back office
• Universal search in the back office
• Text editor
• Handle extravagant typefaces
• SMTP e-mails: send e-mails via a contact form

Optimization for Search Engines

Optimize the page and make sure that the most important search engines are including the store. By simply placing appropriate traffic keywords on the site's tags, the store could be positioned as the first option on Google! Discover innumerable possibilities with increased online traffic.

• Friendly to search engines
• Rewrite URL
• Simplified URL for each product
• Google site map
• Auto generated site map
• Automatic robot.txt files
• Automatic .htaccess files
• Permanent links
• Edit product labels
• Title tags, meta tags, meta description, etc.
• In accordance with W3C
• RSS Feed
• Word cloud
• Reduce the loading time of the products
• Canonical URL: prevents duplicate content

Purchase Completion

An effective purchase completion page will drive conversion rates to the sky! PrestaShop offers a purchase completion on a single page in addition to other functionalities. Merchants can customize fields to gather certain information. From design to shipping, the PrestaShop purchase completion process makes the experience easy for customers.

• Completion of purchase of a Page
• Completion of purchase as a guest
• Renew an order in a 'click'
• Customize the order status
• Pre-defined order messages
• Set the minimum order quantity
• Order products 'out-of-stock'
• PDF invoices and delivery receipts
• Special offers
• Ajax Basket
• Capacity for suggestive sale
• Gift wrap
• Billable gift wrap
• Saved shopping basket, configured via expiration time
• Place sales conditions at the end of the purchase
• Automatic form filling with ReversoForm


PrestaShop allows flexible shipping modules and is fully integrated with the most important carriers. Provide customers with reliable shipping options and the ability to include personalized messages. Regulate the logistics such as: charges, weight, shipping restrictions and more from the administration.

• Unlimited carriers
• Unlimited destinations
• Shipping discounts
• Carriers by zones or provinces
• Package tracking
• Notifications by e-mail of the shipment
• Pick up at the store
• Management charges
• Possibility of giving delivery expenses
• Billing by price or weight
• Different billing and shipping addresses
• Estimated by postal charges
• USPS, FedEx, UPS, CanadaPost, etc.
• Comparison of shipping prices, with Envoimoinscher
• Shipping with Mondial Relay
• Personal delivery with Dejala
• The So-Colissimo Post


PrestaShop is integrated with numerous payment options and business owners can install the desired payment option with a single 'click'. Make sure that the payment is received and that customers feel comfortable providing their information.

• Redys / Servired / Sermepa
• PayPal preconfigured
• Moneybookers / Skrill preconfigured
• Google Checkout
• Hipay
• Ogone
• PaysafeCard
• Allied Wallet
• Klarna
• Establish pricing rules
• Taxes configured by country, state, county
• Unlimited payment options, including check or bank transfer
• Filter payment by country or currency
• Filter payment by groups of customers
• Payment at the time of delivery (COD)


PrestaShop offers a variety of built-in marketing and promotional tools. A successful merchant is the key to the growth of PrestaShop, ensuring effective tools will build a path to online success.

• Add videos with Treepodia
• Send e-mails with Mailjet
• Redirect visitors, with Critéo
• Google Adsense
• Export products to search engines, with Shopping Flux
• Export products to Twenga
• Export products to eBay
• Automated tracking of e-mails
• Subscription to the news bulletin
• Loyalty Program
• 'Recommend a friend' program
• Combined products
• Recently observed products
• Coupons / Vouchers
• Integrate Google Adwords
• Affiliate program
• Videos product presentation
• Postage stamps
• Promotional tools
• SMTP e-mails

Client Login

Customer satisfaction is the key to keeping them faithful and increasing sales. Provide customers with an easy login through a personal account of their own and tailor the messages to their needs.

• Client login
• Accounts of clients
• Possibility of sending messages via your account
• Returns management
• Live chat with Advize


PrestaShop is a global community and is proud to have members in more than 150 countries. A single store can be translated into 41 languages. Offering different translations will improve the user experience and total sales.

• Numerous available translations, more than 40
•             Geographic location
• Possibility of choosing the desired language
• Import / export translation packages
• Online translation tools


Make your customers feel safe buying online. A secure connection is essential to start accepting payments. From PCI compliance to SSL, PrestaShop is equipped with everything a merchant needs to feel secure.

• Analyze the orders, with Fia-Net
• Multiple users
• Establish security permissions for users
• Maintenance mode
• In compliance with PCI
• In compliance with SSL
• Secure back office
• Set the expiration of the password
• Password and cookie encryption
• Resistance to attacks of type XSS, CSRF, SQL injections, distant inclusions, transversal trajectory
• Blocking in e-mail header injections
• Cookie encryption
• Blocking attempts to recover repeated passwords
• Tracking online fraud with Secuvad

Location / Taxes

The PrestaShop tracking system can detect where a customer is located and calculate taxes or promotions designated by the merchant. Additionally, you can set exchange rates and allow customers to choose the currency of their choice.

• Unlimited rates
• Address format according to the country
• Unlimited currency
• Synchronization of exchange rates
• Fees by state, province or country
• Time zones
• Currency formatting
• Configure Eco Tax

Analyzes and Reports

Reports are the key to tracking and optimizing performance. Merchants must monitor sales and visitor interactions to understand the efforts that are working and those that need improvement.

• Export bulletin lists
• News notification PrestaShop in the back office
• Follow up on visitor activity
• View customer profiles
• Order and sales reports
• Affiliate statistics
• Bulletin statistics
• Google basket displays
• Integrated with Google Analytics
• Keyword reports
• Management of "pages not found"
• Geographic location
• CPC management
• Searches in the store
• Carriers statistics
• See better suppliers
• Categories, coupons, best performing products
• Conversion rates by category
• Customer interaction statistics

Multi-Store Management

Multi-currency, multi-language and multi-domain, the management of the multi-store will be complete, efficient and integrated in Prestashop. For greater clarity, it will allow all merchants, whatever their size, to manage several Online stores from a single administration interface (Back Office).

• Centralized management of several stores in a single administration interface (Back Office).
• Catalog administration by store and group of stores.
• Have a different template for each store.
• Possibility of duplicating a store with a custom import of the configuration of another store.
• Have a web address (URL) per store, which takes into account your preferences (language, currency, root category ...).
• Assignment of transporters by store.
• Stock shared or separated in a group of stores.
• Orders and shopping carts shared or separated in a group of stores.
• Customer accounts shared or separated in a group of stores.


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