VirtueMart - Open Source E-Commerce Solution -

VirtueMart is a complete Open Source E-Commerce solution (a Component or Plug-in) for the Joomla Content Management System. It can be run as a Shopping Cart, or in Catalog mode.

Both are released under the GNU General Public License, which means by the end, they are free for download and use. Joomla! And VirtueMart are written in PHP and made for easy use in a PHP / MySQL environment.

All you need is to download the latest Joomla distribution from and the VirtueMart package from this site. Joomla provides the Core System and the Framework, which VirtueMart can use.

So you can easily use a complete Shopping Cart Solution within your own dynamic Website ("Portal"), together with many other Plug-Ins, called Components and Modules, like Forums, FAQ, Guestbooks, Galleries.

You need to install Joomla! first (as the "Framework"), and then install & configure VirtueMart.

Change the look and feel of your site by using the Templates for Joomla! Sites, which use CSS and XHTML. All these Templates and Plug-Ins are available on (mostly for free).

Even if you think that you don't need a Portal or a "big" CMS - think about and just try it! You are more flexible with it.

VirtueMart Features

VirtueMart offers an extensive list of features as standard to enable shop owners to build a working shopping cart, the non-exhaustive list is below:
Please note that you can extend your VirtueMart shop using Plugins, Components, Templates and Modules! visit for more a list of available extensions.

Based on Joomla MVC framework with all its advantage:

  • Template overriding,
  • Implementation of Joomla Plugins for: payment, shipment, coupons, calculation rules, custom product fields
  • Simple installation and integration of other joomla extensions.


  • Nested categories
  • With meta tags for seo
  • With description and media


  • With meta tags for seo
  • Short and long description
  • Dimensions (weight, size)
  • Multiple media
  • Variants, attributes
  • Unlimited child products and derivated levels
  • Product pattern (Parent product used as pattern for child products)
  • Related products
  • Reviews and ratings


  • Pricing depending by shoppergroups
  • Price display depending by shoppergroups
  • Payment/shipment depending by shoppergroups


  • Customizable shopper input form
  • Input form depended on registration, checkout or shipment
  • Completely anonymous checkout
  • Addressbook
  • Default Bill-to and Ship-to address
  • Default payment and shipment method


  • Stocking/inventory
  • Stock warning
  • Virtual stock (ordered but not finally bought)


  • Various type of prices to display depended by shoppergroup
  • Prices adjusted by shopper chosen currency
  • Different currency format per currency

Real Multi Currency

  • Auto updating rates
  • Add your own currencies for fixed currency rates


  • Default SEF/SEO integrated

Dynamical Calculator

  • Discounts based on time, category, shoppergroup, country, and state
  • Tax based on time, category, shoppergroup, country, and state
  • Discounts, tax per product and/or order
  • Discounts, tax have their own currencies (for duties)


  • Based on plugins
  • Minimal amount / maximal amount to use a payment
  • Transaction fees
  • By countries
  • By shopper groups
  • Paypal, SystemPay, Payzen, Klarna, Cash on delivery included


  • Based on plugins
  • By shopper groups
  • By countries
  • Based on weight, zip, countries, number of articles, order amount


  • Guest checkout; completely anonymous checkout
  • Option to register at begin of checkout
  • Cart is an object, competly overridable by template
  • Cart is stored in the session
  • 1 click checkout
  • Multipage checkout
  • One page checkout (not by default)
  • SSL


  • Payment/shipment workflow
  • History
  • Modifiable
  • Order tracking for anonymous users

Products Display

  • Latest
  • Top Ten (most sold)
  • Newest
  • Featured
  • Sortable
  • Searchable


  • Native with joomla 2.5
  • With extra joomla components

Marketing Promotion and Tools

  • Coupon handling
  • Recommend a product to friend link

Other Categorie

  • Hidden debugging tool

VirtueMart is free software released under the GNU General Public License. No limitations exist for VirtueMart. You can create and maintain a site with an unlimited number of categories, products, orders, customers, etc.

You are not allowed to sell software that includes parts of VirtueMart Code.


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