Criteria for Creating a Logo -

New companies continually adopt a logo style very similar to other companies. This leads to no name being distinguished from the rest.

A logo design should be attractive to those who are unfamiliar with the company.

This means that tests of the logo must be carried out: a field study should be conducted by surveying people about what they think of the company image and what emotions they experience when they see it.

If the design of the logo is not understandable or the public when it sees it gets a wrong impression about the activity of the company, then the logo is not effective.

Who is the target market? In which places, besides the Internet site, will the logo be displayed? On letterhead stationery, business cards? Will the logo convey the same message no matter where it is placed? A logo should be simple, uncomplicated to be easily incorporated by consumers' subconscious.

Complex logos combined with 10 different colors are sometimes attractive, but not practical at all. Many times the logo is accompanied by a slogan. If the slogan is always included in the logo or in the same graphic form, it can be considered part of the logo.

The main purpose of the slogan, along with the logo, is to support the brand's identity. The difference between the slogan and the brand slogan is that the brand slogan contributes to the construction of the image of the brand, while the different slogans are connected with the different products or advertising campaigns.

Also consider the level of reception of the logo that the receiver experiences. It can be said that this level is semantic: because it has to possess a certain meaning, and in turn allows to carry a chain of meanings; and is also aesthetic: the shape of the logo. In today's market, launching a brand is a long-term project that disrupts existing order and values.

At the time of creating a mark should be taken into account that this should be:

  • Simple: Clean, easy to write. Something complicated or deep is not appropriate for the brand identity.
  • Practice: goes hand in hand with simplicity. The logo should be suitable for use in all types of media: TV, print, uniforms, etc.
  • Consistent: a good branding process should be reflected in each of the pieces of communication made by the company, as well as each of the elements in the design: logo, photograph, used color palette, etc. 
  • Unique: there is no case to have an excellent image or an outstanding name if it looks very similar to someone else, especially if the other brand has more budget invested in advertising.
  • Memorable: if the above points are applied, the mark will probably be memorable. Coloring is an important element, usually the easiest thing to remember about a brand is color. Other types of symbols or codes can help you remember a brand.

It should reflect the values ​​and goals of the company. If the company represents quality, then the colors, style and photography should reflect this as well. If the company represents Charity, then the logo is not so complicated, since many logos that represent this have some element of the human being.

What are the values ​​of the brand? Would you be able to guess them by seeing the visual elements? A well-created brand, which respected the standards needed to achieve an effective result, not only reflects the values, promotes them.

  • Adaptable: must adapt to the target market. Not very modern for conservative consumers, not very conservative for modern markets.
  • Sustainable: contemporary, but classic. A lot of brands update their logos every 20 years. That is why it is important to have a concept that does not become obsolete in a short time.

A well-made corporate identity is not a simple logo. It is necessary to maintain a visual coherence in all the communications that a company performs; brochures, stationery, web pages, etc. The corporate identity of a company is its letter of introduction, its face in front of the public; of this identity will depend on the image that people form of that organization.


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